Poetry Is Not a Luxury in My Revolution

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albus severus potter:
dad you were totally a jock
harry potter:
i was not
albus severus potter:
dad you were totally a jock with a trust fund, because only a jock with a trust fund would give me a name like this
harry potter:
i was not a jock with a trust fund. ginny, set albus straight
ginny potter:
honey, you were and are a jock with a trust fund

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Fantasy? This is more than fantasy. The masochist really does get slapped, choked, or locked in a dog cage and peed on. It may be private, and it may be with a trusted partner, but it’s real.

And that, in turn, creates problems for other people. The consensuality of violence in your relationship may be obvious to you. But for outsiders, it’s hard to tell. One Slate commenter describes a young man who told his girlfriend’s father: “But that was when she was your daughter: I own her now. She belongs to me.” Another commenter complains, “I’ve had the police try to investigate my husband because my coworkers wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t abusing me because of bruises on my wrists.” A third cautions that some BDSM participants “like black eyes,” so police should back off if the injured party says it was consensual. Yet these commenters also protest that when they report abuse, cops tell them, “Well, you asked him to tie you up. We can’t do anything.”

Kinksters like to say that any act is OK as long as both people consent to it. But they don’t really believe that. [Dan] Savage rules out anything “that leaves a sub traumatized.” Various Slate commenters draw the line at death, dismemberment, broken bones, or “irreparable harm.” One commenter says you can’t consent to “having someone carve off pieces of you, and eat you, while you watch, before they kill you,” though “many people won’t agree with me in the BDSM community.” At some point, most kinksters recognize that the severity of the harm overrides the sanctity of consent.

William Saletan, All The Kink’s Men: Is S&M wrong? A reply to Dan Savage and other defenders of BDSM [X] (via witchbornwitch)

(via survivorsofkinkunite)