Poetry Is Not a Luxury in My Revolution

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You shouldn’t be proud to be white


Whiteness is nothing to be proud of. When you say you’re proud to be white this is what we PoC think of:

Things to be proud of:

  • Your heritage
  • but never whiteness
  • because whiteness is a history of terrorism,islamphobia,cultural appropriation,racism,oppression,ignorance,eurocentrism beauty ideals,sexualized violence against WoC to maintain white dominance and exert white power,slavery,white supremacy, massive resistance,racial profiling,imperalism, land stealing,jim crow laws and minstrel shows, interment camps,eugenics,hypocrisy,white educational standards,white privilege,hate,dominance and humiliation,genocide…. (please feel free to add your own)

Whiteness is nothing to be proud of because whiteness has destroyed lives because whiteness believes everything non white to be inferior and wrong. People of Color should be proud in our coloredness because our history is and continues to be a history of survival. Our land has been stolen from us, our dignity burned to the ground, our women raped with no justice,our countries bombed and terrorized for Oil. We have been made terrified to walk in our own streets at night for fear of being killed simply for looking like we don’t belong. Our heritage as been appropriated by the very people who killed our ancestors, and who continue to humiliate our people. Colored history is a history of survival,and we must be proud in our history, of the leaders who came before us in the midst of hate, so we can build our radical communities of color so we can not only survive, but thrive.

So sit the fuck down, and shutup with your white nonsense. 

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